How to Make the Most Out a Visit to Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park

Tired of the city and day-to-day life inside four walls? Then it might be time to get out on the road and visit one of the most awe-inspiring locations in the US. Just south of Yosemite, in the Sierras, lies Sequoia National Park. Its gargantuan trees, winding paths, and breathtaking views are certainly a sight worth seeing.

Don’t Forget to Look Up

Sequoia National Park in the winter
The best advice anyone could follow when visiting the Sequoia National Park is to remember to look up. Located in this park is General Sherman – by volume, the largest tree in the world! It has 36.5 feet in diameter and reaches 275 feet in height. In addition to being remarkably tall, many of these trees are incredibly old as well. Sherman is 2,200 years old. As impressive as that is, the oldest sequoia in this park is 3,200 years old! With minimal sap to burn and a very thick outer bark, these trees are astonishingly fire-resistant. One of the visible cross-sections of a sequoia shows rings that indicate the tree survived over 80 fires in its lifetime.

The National Park Faced a Few Hurdles

Wuksachi Lodge
Sequoia National Park had a few difficulties opening this year – from facing forest fires and the restrictions that were imposed due to the tumultuous world health situation, it was uncertain if the park would be able to open. Luckily, it did, along with the Wuksachi – its main lodge. The lodge has a remarkable stone fireplace, a 90-seat restaurant, 102 rooms, and many other commodities to offer.

Take Time to Explore

A tree on the road in Sequoia National Park
Visiting a forest, especially one as majestic and breathtaking as this one, can have many positive effects and help create unforgettable memories. Explore this stunning national park and you may find Moro Rock, which is a 1,000-foot granite promontory. Climb its staircase to the top of the monolith to see a stunning view of Mount Whitney. Take a walk through the Crescent Meadow and marvel at the sequoias or take a drive through the Tunnel Log. This remarkable location is never short of activities or must-see spots.