Bear Grylls Describes His Workout Routine for Preparing for the Wild

Although he is recognized for his TV shows and publicized adventures, Bear Grylls admits he isn’t as physically gifted as many of his followers might think based on his television appearances.

Bear Grylls Describes His Workout Routine

“I’ve never been an innate athlete; I’ve always had to work at it,” Bear Grylls explains. “I require physical fitness and strength to perform my job.” That is an understatement—his employment frequently requires him to be put into hostile environments that need physical fortitude (combined with a healthy dose of guile and a willingness to breach domesticated comfort zones) to survive. The 47-year-old British survivalist is most known in the United States for shows such as Man vs. Wild, Running Wild with Bear Grylls, and, most recently, Netflix’s interactive You vs. Wild series.

Hard Work & Dedication

Grylls follows a strict strength-and-conditioning regimen that consists of short, utilitarian workouts that require little or no equipment if any at all. Be Military Fit (BMF) with Bear Grylls is one of his non-wilderness efforts in which he chooses to exercise outdoors with pals. The outdoor fitness company, based in the United Kingdom, specializes in helping military veterans find work following their service.

Grylls is demonstrating a workout that incorporates these concepts. He workouts outside with a friend and uses only bodyweight or a kettlebell for the majority of the exercises. In this case, he’s on concrete, but he could just as easily do the workout in a yard or perhaps a forest in a faraway place. A timer, some weights, and a desire to work hard and fast are all you need if you want to give it a try.

Bear Grylls’ Outdoor Workout

Perform each exercise for 20 seconds, followed by a 10-second rest period. Each block should be repeated twice.

  • Core: Plank Knee to Elbow, Plank, Plank Hands to Elbows, Superman
  • Legs: Split Squats (Right), Split Squats (Left), Squat Jumps, Kettlebell Swings
  • Chest: Alternating Arm Pushups, Pike Pushups, Pushups, Close-Grip Pushups
  • Back: Pullups, Bodyweight Row, Kettlebell Lawnmower Row (Right), Kettlebell Lawnmower Row (Left)
  • Shoulders: Overhead Press, Overhead Triceps Extensions, Kettlebell Hammer Curl, Upright Row
  • Abs: Kettlebell Knees-to-Elbows, Kettlebell Russian Twist, Superman, Clams, Bicycle Crunch