Star Quarterback Tom Brady Joked That He Had to Get Good at Retiring

Tom Brady declared his retirement from the NFL on February 1st, coinciding with the one-year mark of his initial retirement announcement in 2022. The 45-year-old football player and Buccaneers quarterback has now announced his permanent retirement, but no one has forgotten how he previously reversed his decision two months after his first announcement.

Tom Brady Is Retiring

Tom Brady

During an episode of his podcast Let’s Go! With Tom Brady, the quarterback discussed his life after retiring, joined by Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray. Brady admitted that he needed to learn how to navigate retirement, having done it before. He acknowledged that everything was still new but expressed his enthusiasm for the future.

Tom Brady shared that his friend’s quote, “The future happens a day at a time,” resonated with him. He believes that closing one great chapter in life leads to new and exciting opportunities. He looks forward to exploring other aspects of life that he had put on hold, anticipating that he may feel different emotions along the way. However, Brady expressed that he is currently doing well, in a positive mindset, and remains enthusiastic about his future.

Brady Is Content With His Situation

Tom Brady

Having played 22 seasons in the NFL, Brady acknowledged that he is still coming to terms with the concept of retirement. The seven-time Super Bowl champion shared that he feels a mix of emotions, including relief from the decompression and depressurization he’s experiencing. After spending 32 years preparing for another season, the reality of his retirement may not have fully sunk in yet. Brady is unsure how he’ll feel as his retirement draws nearer, but he expressed contentment and happiness with his current situation.

Brady’s loved ones and celebrity friends also provided him with words of encouragement during the podcast. His mother, Galynn Brady, shared her thoughts on his retirement, expressing how blessed their family has been to witness his successful career and the excitement it brought. Although people often assume they’re thrilled about his retirement, she also shared that it comes with mixed emotions. Galynn enjoyed watching her son run on the field and hearing him yell, “Let’s go!”

Tom Brady

In a video shared earlier this month to announce his retirement, Brady became emotional as he delivered the news. He started by saying he was retiring for good. Noting that he had already written a super-emotional retirement essay, he kept it short, thanking his supporters, family, teammates, friends, and competitors for allowing him to live his dream. Although he became emotional and choked up, he expressed that he wouldn’t change anything and expressed his love for everyone.