A Top Trainer’s Muscle-Building Mistakes and Why They Happened

Jeff Cavaliere, also known as the ATHLEAN-X Training System founder, shares his worst-ever muscle-building mistakes. If you’re on the path to building muscle and strength, you might want to check out what advice he has to give. Jeff provides helpful explanations on how to correctly and sustainably build muscle. His recollections of his greatest blunders come from his latest video. Read on.

Worst Mistakes in Muscle-Building

A Top Trainer’s Muscle-Building Mistakes and Why They Happened

First things first. Making mistakes is how people learn. Even trainers have had difficulties when they first started their journey to building muscles. Jeff has built a successful business with his training programs and supplements. But when he initially started working out, he apparently did a lot of things the wrong way.

Jeff admits he followed various workout plans, believing working out exclusively would bring him the desired results. Unfortunately, that’s not the way things work with muscle-building. He says he completely neglected his body’s limitations and would strive to complete a session even when his knees started to feel a little awkward.

Jeff made a lot of mistakes with his diet as well. He recalls buying those oats that were packed with sugar, for example, completely disregarding the fact that not all oats are equal. He’d load up his body with sugar. That’s known as a big no-no for those who want to build muscle. He’d go the complete opposite at other times, restricting his diet to nothing but egg whites for breakfast, as he feared he’d lose his gains.

What he considers his biggest-ever muscle-building mistake is that he would simply lift weights up and down with no regard to his form or achieving the right amount of muscle contraction. But those were his “reps wasted,” which only caused him discomfort and stiffness.

Why It’s Important to Learn From Mistakes

There are many things to look out for when it comes to muscle building. Jeff says he does all the things we mentioned above differently today, as he’s been able to find where he’s making mistakes. It all comes down to creating lean and sustainable habits that’ll help you get the desired results.

Presently, instead of shying away from discomfort when he’s exercising, he strives to achieve a certain level of tension, almost a cramping feeling. That way, he knows he’s engaging his muscles the right way and making them work.

Another thing he’s improved in his routine is creating a diverse and balanced diet. Nowadays, he knows there’s no point in sticking to one group of foods, as creating a highly diverse meal several times a day is a key to keeping your body in great shape.