Mark Zuckerberg Delays MMA Fight After Tearing His ACL During Sparring

Facebook // Mark Zuckerberg

Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg got kinda messed up in his MMA training recently. He got a bad injury during sparring and tore his ACL. He was getting ready for a big official fight but had to push it back because of the injury. Still, he was thankful to the medical team and was super determined to get back to MMA after surgery.

Mark Zuckerberg Got Injured

Even with the delay, Mark Zuckerberg is still super pumped to get to the ring. He was also grateful for all the love and support he got from people. Meanwhile, everyone’s wondering who he’s gonna face in his MMA match next year. One of the more interesting theories is that it might be the businessman and investor Elon Musk.

Back in June, Musk tweeted that he’d be down for a cage fight, and Zuckerberg gave an enthusiastic confirmation that he was ready to do it. Around the same time, Zuckerberg used Twitter after ten years of silence to launch Threads, which is Meta’s answer to Twitter. It started big, but then kinda lost its audience.

Zuckerberg vs. Musk Not Happening

Musk got upset and mentioned suing Meta for having a “copy-cat app.” He also went on Twitter to throw shade at Zuckerberg and Threads at the time. He said Threads was just like Instagram but without pictures, and no one wanted more comments on Instagram pics. The tension grew, lawyers were involved, and many things were said by fans of the two tech giants.


Zuckerberg and Musk went back and forth about their fight many times, but nothing came out of it, at least for now. Since then, Musk acquired Twitter and turned it into X, and Zuckerberg seems to be training harder than ever. In one interview, Musk even said it was Mark Zuckerberg who got cold feet about the fight. Still, with no response to that claim and the recent injury of the Meta CEO, people will have to wait and see what happens next.