Luke Littler Earns Huge Payday Despite Losing World Darts Championship Final

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After beating the 2018 darts champion, Rob Cross, 16-year-old Luke Littler qualified for the long-awaited final game. It made him the youngest person to ever win this achievement. However, on January 3, he lost the final to Luke Humphries with a score of 7-4. Despite not getting the trophy, the young legend secured quite a payday.

Luke Littler’s Impressive Performance

Luke Littler was the surprise of the entire tournament and gained many new fans and followers thanks to his performance. Before participating Littler was ranked 164th in the world, yet he still managed to defeat his more experienced opponents to get to the final.

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Apart from Rob Cross, Luke Littler competed against Christian Kist, Andrew Gilding, Matt Campbell, Brendan Dolan, and even his idol Raymond van Barneveld. Despite losing the final, the young man earned an impressive £200,000. That’s not bad at all for a 16-year-old kid!

Plans for the Future

Luke Littler was quite emotional after the final and shared that he still couldn’t comprehend all that had happened. He is determined to stay focused and grounded and keep working to become an even better Luke Littler. He even said that his goal was to win at least one match. But look where he is today!

When asked about his plans for the prize, Luke stayed humble and said he wanted to get himself some Under Armour tracksuits, a new coat, and Fifa points for his Xbox. He also shared he would love to start driving but hasn’t decided on his dream car yet. Whatever car he chooses, though, his prize money should definitely cover it!

It’s Officially Been 10 Years Since Grand Theft Auto 5 Was Released

Grand Theft Auto 5 Is 10 Years Old and Fans Still Await News for GTA 6
It’s Officially Been 10 Years Since Grand Theft Auto 5 Was Released

It’s now been 10 years since Grand Theft Auto 5 was released and became the iconic video game known and loved around the world. It was released in September 2013 and gained widespread acclaim from critics and gamers. It got an amazing Metacritic rating of 97%, becoming one of the greatest video games ever. The game was good enough to get praise as a genre-defining achievement in the gaming world.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Turned 10

Grand Theft Auto 5 received many awards, including Game of the Year. A decade has passed since GTA 5, and fans are still waiting for the next game in the franchise. There is real impatience regarding GTA 6, and developer Rockstar has remained quiet about whether another game is even in the works. Social media has been full of rumors and leaks, but no news has come from Rockstar or Take-Two Interactive.

One recent rumor was about how GTA 6 would have 400 hours of gameplay and video content, and one speculated that the game would cost $150 upon release. Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar, has stated that it was ready to push the pricing boundaries, and CEO Strauss Zelnick said consumers have not shown much resistance to games costing $70, showing they were willing to invest in quality titles.

No Grand Theft Auto 6 Yet

Despite the wishes of fans and the supposed leaks, Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive have remained silent about GTA 6. Fans will certainly continue to demand the next installment in the franchise despite there being no official release date or even an announcement. Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto 5 continues to be one of the best games of all time. This is so even after a decade since its release.

No Grand Theft Auto 6 Yet

So far, the gaming community can only hope Rockstar will break its silence soon and give them some insight into the future of their legendary franchise, but the silence hopefully indicates that something is brewing at the studio.