British Lewis Hamilton Explained Why He’s Got an American Accent

Instagram // @lewishamilton

In the recent Formula 1 season, Lewis Hamilton, a stalwart in the racing world, has faced challenges living up to his exceptional standards, primarily due to Mercedes grappling with new regulations. The 2022 season marked a surprising turn for Hamilton, who, for the first time in his illustrious career, failed to secure a single victory.

A Move to Ferrari

While Max Verstappen has seemingly taken the F1 spotlight with three consecutive world titles, Sky Sports News revealed that Mercedes’ chief executive, Toto Wolff, briefed, hinting at a possible announcement that Hamilton will depart from Mercedes to join Ferrari for the 2025 season, which ultimately ended up happening.

Off the racetrack, Hamilton’s accent often becomes a topic of discussion among non-F1 enthusiasts, overshadowing his driving prowess. Born in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, Hamilton attributes his American accent to his teenage years spent in the United States.

Why Hamilton Sounds American

In a 2019 interview on Sky Sports F1’s Small Talk, Hamilton discussed his changing accent. He mentioned that his father criticized him for mumbling and stuttering in his youth. Hamilton also highlighted his exposure to different languages during his time in Europe and on an American airbase.

Instagram // @lewishamilton

While acknowledging the inadvertent impact of American music on his accent, Hamilton stressed his profound connection to Britain. In a separate interview, he expressed his pride in representing the country on the global stage, affirming his commitment to raising the British flag high and establishing himself as a distinctive force in the sport.