A Simple and Effective Trick for Making Much Crispier Granola

Granola is well-known as a healthy and tasty snack that many people enjoy be it on occasion or as part of their regular diet. Making your own homemade supply of this scrumptious treat can be very easy and rewarding. A simple trick that was shared in Simply Julia, the new cookbook by Julia Turshen, shows how to make this snack extra crunchy.


A Healthy and Tasty Breakfast Snack

There are several proposed benefits to having a tasty bowl of granola every now and then. It can boost gut health, especially when combined with a bit of fresh probiotic yogurt. Mainly made of baked rolled oats, nuts, and a healthy sweetener like honey, this combo is full of fiber and nutrients. Deciding to make a homemade supply will allow you to adjust the ratio of ingredients and flavors precisely to your liking!

Making Crispy Granola

If you are among those people that love the extra crunchy clumps of oats, there’s a trick to make more of them in your homemade granola. According to the recipe in Simply Julia, just add egg whites. Specifically, for every 3 cups of rolled oats, add a quarter cup of olive oil and a quarter cup of maple syrup.

Whisking Egg Whites

Whip two egg whites to make them frothy and soft-peaked and mix them into your oats. Add any grains, nuts, and spices you prefer and spread the mixture evenly on a sheet pan. Bake for half an hour at 400 degrees but stir every 10 minutes.

Granola in a baking tray

Useful Tricks and Tips

You can add another boost flavor to this healthy treat by adding a dash of flavoring to the egg whites. It could be a bit of almond extract, vanilla, or any flavor profile you prefer. Once the granola is cool after baking, you can also mix in any type of dried fruit you like. The mixture will keep well in a plastic box or an airtight container for a week.