Breakfasts Rich in Protein to Keep Anybody Full for Hours

It’s no secret that protein is crucial for an individual. Many dietary experts are now saying loading up the body with protein at lunch or dinner isn’t the ideal solution. Instead, people who want to eat healthily should think of protein-rich breakfasts. But that can sometimes be easier said than done. So, we’ve compiled several easy-to-make breakfast recipes to kickstart the day in the best possible way!

Start the Day With Eggs

The first option is something that’s incredibly easy to prepare and full of flavor. Just grab a whole grain wrap, and add two fried eggs plus several slices of avocado. For an ideal finish, add greens, cheese, and hot sauce.

Smoked Salmon for Breakfasts Full of Flavor

Smoked salmon bowl

The second recipe is a turmeric smoked salmon bowl. It’s slightly more tedious to prepare than the first option but is a must-try way to break the nighttime fast. What’s inside? Quinoa – that’s full of dietary fiber, smoked salmon and eggs for that protein boost, turmeric, which is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and more!

Protein Banana Pancakes

Protein banana pancakes

The next addition to the list of healthy breakfasts full of protein is these incredible banana pancakes. They are prepared with chia seeds, oats, bananas, eggs, and an optional protein powder. Packed with over 20 grams of protein per just four pancakes, they’re a healthy option anyone should try.

Oats Can Go a Long Way

Apple pie overnight oats

Fans of oats must have tried tens of different recipes for healthy and protein-rich breakfasts with the ingredient. Here’s another. To prepare it, cook apples in the pan for several minutes with butter, just like when preparing apple pie stuffing. Put the oats, hemp seeds, protein powder, and cinnamon in a jar and add the cooled apple mixture. Refrigerate for several hours and enjoy.