Swing Arm City In Utah Is the Perfect Place for Motocross Enthusiasts

Swing Arm City is located just outside Caineville, Utah, and is a 2,600-acre hot spot for motocross enthusiasts. The destination is known for precipitous drop-offs, countless hills, and ridge line single-track trails. It’s where some of the country’s biggest natural jumps can be found.

Motocross Enthusiasts Can Enjoy Great Natural Ramps and Amazing Jumps

Motorcross Location at Swing Arm City

According to Tom Parsons, a 38-year-old motocross rider, it’s worth the time of anyone interested in such experiences. He has made the trek from Florida numerous times, and one time recently, he and his friend Chris Tedesco, a Denver-based photographer, decided to spend three days there in the 100-degree heat, going around and enjoying the landscape.

Swing Arm City Is the Place to Go for Testing Motocross Skills

The pair of adventurers found one precarious feature that they found irresistible. A slope that was difficult to walk up or ride on. Still, Parsons, who is a former X Games gold medalist, decided to do what was necessary to reach the top. He hit the base at 35 mph and used the full power of his KTM 450 motocross bike to keep the momentum to the top. The other side of the natural ramp was a vertical drop, but according to Parsons, he couldn’t see that over the edge.

Motorcross Location at Swing Arm City

The Swing Arm City OHV Recreation Area is scenically located under the foothills of the North Caineville Mesa. Many of the best motocross riders in the world can be found in the area testing their riding and jumping skill there because there are some of the biggest natural jumps anywhere in the world. Swing Arm City is especially good for open riding on bentonite clay terrain. It has large, steep hills, drop-offs, very technical single-track trails, and ridge-line trails. It is a location where fans of extreme riding can go wild and enjoy themselves to the fullest.