4 Tried and Tested Methods to Properly Clean a Barbecue Grill

cleaning a barbecue grill

Summertime is grilling time as families gather in backyards to start up the barbecue and enjoy good food and the warm weather. This makes it imperative to find ways to properly clean a grill grate, be it a quick spruce before starting to cook or an in-depth cleaning at the start or end of the grilling seasons. The following four methods don’t involve heavy chemical cleaners!

1. The Onion Method

When it’s time to start cooking food on the grill, there’s a quick way to clean off debris and greasy residue from the last time the grate was used. Most would turn to their trusty steel brush for the job, but this runs the risk of getting bristles into your food. Instead, get the barbecue hot so that the debris can loosen. Cut an onion in half and use a fork to rub it on the grates, cut side down, and remove the stuck-on residue this way.

2. Cleaning a Grill Using Coffee

There’s a time-tested cleaning hack using coffee that’s sure to do a great job of rendering the barbecue grate spotless. Start by brewing a pot of coffee. Remove the cool grate from an inactive grill and put it in a large container. Put the coffee over it and let it marinate for an hour. Coffee has acidic qualities that help break down the burnt sauce and grease stuck on the grate. Rinse and dry the grate before returning it to the grill.

3. Surface Cleaning With Tin Foil

Most households are likely to have tinfoil in one of their kitchen drawers or cabinets. When you’re done grilling for the day and want to roughly clean the grill, tear off a piece of tin foil and promptly roll it into a ball. Because the barbecue is still hot at this point, use tongs to hold the tin foil ball and rub it over the grates. This should successfully remove any bits of debris like food residue.

4. Deep-Cleaning a Gas Grill

The best time to deep-clean grill grates is at the end of the grilling season. Fire up the barbecue to let the heat loosen up the grease and food residue. Scrub the grates with a steel brush dipped in water with some dish soap mixed into it.

Turn off and disconnect the barbecue from the propane tank. When it’s cool, remove and dunk the burner shields, drip pan, and grate into a tub of warm water and dish soap. Scrub and rinse them off. Scrub the inside of the cook box and lid, and clean the exterior of the barbecue with soapy water.