Super 56 – the Game Collection That Only Needs a Single Button

an Atari 2600 controller

Back in the day, the Atari 2600 controller was one of the most basic game controllers you could imagine. There are no triggers, no fancy haptic feedback, no shoulder buttons, or rumble packs. The only controls were a single red button you can press with your thumb, along with a joystick. Want to make things even simpler? Snap the joystick and toss it in the trash. You won’t need it.

What Is Super 56, Exactly?

A Super 56 game

Super 56 is a game played with a single button – labeled “A.” Oddly enough, even though you need a single button, Super 56 is not a single game. It’s a collection of 56 minigames that must be completed quickly by hammering, tapping, and/or holding the A button. You can also use the button for navigating through menus, customizing your profile, your avatar, and modifying your settings. It’s so simple!

Except, it’s not. The games in Super 56 can be difficult for many players. They span a variety of genres. The best part is that none of them are explained before you start playing them. You are thrown into a game and must figure out the objective on your own and what pressing or holding button A does. A game ends just as you are beginning to master it, and you are immediately thrown into the next one.

Where Can Players Play This Game?

A Super 56 game

The demo of this game is available for free on Steam before the February launch of the early access of Steam 56. It features 10 of the 56 games, and it even has a sample demonstration of the wide variety of game types, styles, and genres. In just a few minutes, you can try out archery, platforming, racing, and minigolf. You can even try the bizarre combination of asteroids, tennis, and more.

The sound effects, music, and visuals can be described as “annoying” in the most positive way, of course. It’s a blaring, loud, arcade-like experience, reminiscent of a retro console. Try out the demo now and see if Super 56 is something you will enjoy.