Remedy Entertainment Outlines Five of Their Upcoming New Games

Remedy Entertainment are the developers behind Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and Control, and they’ve recently given an update on their upcoming new titles, including information about release dates. Remedy is a studio that’s known for making unique story-driven games that focus on sci-fi elements and mysteries. Control is a title where the player seeks to find their missing brother in a facility taken over by an extra-dimensional entity. Alan Wake is about the titular novelist following the trail of his missing wife. Basically, Remedy is a studio that people expect to offer intrigue.

Remedy Entertainment Gave Updates During an Earnings Report

Remedy Entertainment's CEO Tero Virtala
Remedy Entertainment Outlines Five of Their Upcoming New Games

The Remedy Entertainment studio gave its recent updates on its new titles during a recent earnings report. It gave updates on five upcoming titles that were currently in the works, and CEO Tero Virtala even made some comments after the publishing of the financial earnings report. Virtala first spoke about the upcoming and very anticipated sequel to Alan Wake. Apparently, the survival horror title will be available in 2023 and is in the full production stage.

While Alan Wake 2 will not be a full action-adventure like the first game, it will retain those features while adding survival horror elements. The next game that was discussed was Codename Vanguard, which Remedy will be co-publishing with Tencent. Not much is known about that title but it will be a live-service title that will have cooperative elements. According to Virtala, Vanguard is making good progress.

Remedy Used Codename Titles for Many of its Upcoming Games

Still from Remedy's Control game
Remedy Entertainment Outlines Five of Their Upcoming New Games

The next games were also given codename titles. Two of those were both spin-offs of Control. One is Codename Condor, which is still in the proof-of-concept stage, while the other, Codename Heron, is in the concept stage with continuing prototyping. Reportedly, Codename Heron will be the bigger game out of the two and will be a sequel to Control. According to Remedy, these two titles are focused on having the right tools and technology to serve future games.

The other two titles were the remasters of Max Payne 1 and 2. While Remedy is working on those remakes, the games will be released as one because that is the company’s agreement with Rockstar. It’s actually Rockstar that is funding the remastering of these two titles.

More About Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment
Remedy Entertainment Outlines Five of Their Upcoming New Games

Based in Espoo, Remedy Entertainment is a Finnish game development studio that was founded in 1995 by members of Future Crew. Death Rally, the studio’s first game, was actually created in the basement of one of the team members. Known for creating strong central characters in cinematic single-player action games, Remedy has long been praised for immensely contributing to the genre.

The five upcoming games are part of the studio’s goal to diversify its portfolio. After going through several management changes in the past, it seems like CEO Tero Virtala is helping the company transition into a multi-project studio. Only time will tell what other new game developments fans can expect in the future.