How Helsinki, Finland’s Capital, Became the World’s Gaming Hub

Think of which cities are known as superb places for technological innovations. Surely, Helsinki isn’t at the top of your list, right? Well, time to rethink everything, for Finland’s capital is officially the world’s hotbed for gaming. What has allowed this tranquil place with snow-covered streets to emerge as a top location for games? Keep reading this article, and you’ll find out.

How Helsinki, Finland’s Capital, Became the World’s Gaming Hub

Popular Games Released by Helsinki Companies

Presently, the global mobile gaming industry is worth approximately $145 billion. What’s Finland’s cut? According to predictions, based on yearly growth and development, the mobile games sector is expected to reach $319m this year, with revenues growing to $426.20m during the next four years.

Evidently, Helsinki’s reputation as a mobile gaming hub is deserved. Major games that emerged from the northern capital are Angry Birds and Clash of Clans. Back in the ‘80s, however, Finland wasn’t among the wealthiest countries, let alone one of the top tech innovators.

What Facilitated the Country’s Technological Growth

Back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, Finns were using computers that were a long shot from the best at the time. And they were used to doing a lot of stuff with these not-so-ideal technologies. But when Nokia started growing rapidly in the ‘80s, everything was set to change.

Sonja Ängeslevä, CEO of Phantom Gamelabs, remembers those times all too well. Back then, big-time games were still missing. Still, Nokia went above and beyond to support gaming creators in Helsinki, essentially helping the Finns realize they don’t need to travel to get the most modern technology and innovations for their releases.

Nokia has developed some of the most popular programming languages we still use today. For example, the company released the C programing language in 1972 and the C++ programing language in 1983.

Mobile Gaming, Anywhere. Literally.

People here in Helsinki are perfectly aware of how successful mobile gaming is here. As a matter of fact, tourists and locals can touch upon gaming anytime, anywhere! The Finland capital is dotted with coffee shops, bars, and other locations, that pay tribute to mobile gaming with their interiors or decor.

Politicians and companies have also realized how important mobile gaming is for Finns and their economy. For example, companies are recruiting developers and designers from all over the world.

In any case, Helsinki’s gaming success is evident. Gaming studios based in the capital generated over $3 billion in sales in 2022. One of the big players in the gaming field is Supercell. The company was recently acquired by a Chinese corporation, which has a reported annual market value exceeding $11 billion per year.