The Top 5 Tools Every Homeowner Should Consider Renting

Whether it’s for small repair projects or a major home improvement job, having the perfect tools make it possible to tackle any project. So, when one is ready to start a project but can’t spend money on multiple tools that may be used just once, renting the tools is a good way to get things done.

There Are Several Factors to Consider Before Renting Tools

There are some factors to consider before choosing between buying or renting tools. These include storage, budget, and usage. When it comes to renting tools, there’s more flexibility to pick the specific tools that are needed for less cost. There’s no need to worry about the tools taking up space or collecting dust in the shed or garage. The American Rental Association has stated that there are hundreds of tools that can be rented for different projects and getting the top five rental tools is certainly something people should consider.

Paint Sprayers and Pressure Washers Are the Top Rental Tools

A fresh coat of paint will do the trick when it comes to dramatically changing the look of a space and renting a paint sprayer can save people time. Paint sprayers allow for a professional-looking finish and while it may take a little practice to get used to using one, the result is a great, smooth finish. With less effort and time spent, more items needing a fresh coat of paint can be painted. Paint sprayers can also be used for staining a fence or wood deck. Meanwhile, pressure washers are among the most popular rental tools because it allows for the perfect cleaning of many outdoor areas and features. Washers can be used to wash dirt, salt deposits, and many other contaminants from various surfaces. Homeowners often use a pressure washer for their concrete surfaces and driveways.

Power Augers, Rotary Tillers, and Aerators Are Great Tools to Rent

The Top Five Tools Every Homeowner Should Consider Renting
Power augers allow people to avoid the trouble of using the manual posthole digger. The spiral-shaped tool can drill holes into the ground and create deeper holes. Augers allow for a better workflow and should be used with the appropriate bit extensions, auger bits, and a digging bar. Meanwhile, the rotary tiller can help with digging through larger areas. Since rotary tillers aren’t used often, it’s one of the tools that are great for renting. Renting a rotary tiller is convenient during the spring because it can be used to loosen the soil for the planting season.

Much like rotary tillers, aerators are great for renting because they’re typically used once a year. Lawn aeration should be done to achieve a well-maintained lawn and it removes plugs of soil to allow nutrients, water, and air to get deep into the roots of the lawn. Aside from saving money by renting it, homeowners won’t have to make room in their shed or garage for storing the tool.