Five Simple Tips to Help Pet Owners With Their Responsibilities

Owning a pet is great! Domesticated animals bring immeasurable joy to their owners and give them unconditional love. But, it’s also a responsibility for which not everyone is prepared properly.

Different pets

Here are five tips and tricks that allow pet owners to take good care of their animals.

1. Slow Feeder

Some puppies have the bad habit of eating their food too quickly, which causes them to vomit it right back, meaning they are not getting the nutrients they need for healthy growth. Building a slow feeder from a PVC pipe is an excellent solution to this problem.

Slow Feeder
Get a 12-inch long 2-in. PVC pipe and cap one of its ends. Then drill holes on the side and fill it with puppy food before capping the other end as well. Make sure the holes are large enough for the food to come out.

This will force puppies to roll the feeder around for the food to fall out in limited quantities, which will automatically extend their eating time.

2. Store Pet Food Correctly

Many pet owners leave their animal’s food in an open bag on the floor. This provides mice, rodents, and insects the perfect opportunity to infest the food.

Pet Food Storage

Prevent that from happening by emptying the bag in a lidded metal trash can or sealed plastic container. Both have slick vertical sides that rodents cannot climb. This way pets will always eat clean and healthy food.

3. Build a Dog House

Dog owners who keep their canines in their backyard must provide them with shelter from the elements. Building a wood or brick dog house can be costly, but there are cheaper alternatives that will get the job done.

Dog House

Using a large plastic storage bin is a cost-effective solution for small dogs. Cut a hole on one of its sides and flip it over on its lid. Insert a dog bed through the hole and place the improvised dog house in a corner to protect it from strong winds.

4. PVC Fish Houses

PVC Fish House

Fish owners can use a PVC pipe to add a house to their aquariums. If the fish tank is large enough, they can connect several PVC pipes to create a network of tunnels and houses that the
fish will enjoy swimming through.

5. Removing Pet Hair

Any pet with fur will shed its hair on carpets, couches, beds, etc. Wrap duct tape around a paint roller, sticky side out, and pass it over furniture, carpets, and other features to collect the fur. This will instantly improve indoor air quality, which is beneficial for both humans and animals.

Removing Pet Hair

These five simple and cost-effective tricks can help pet owners take better care of their beloved animals. Plus, they are fun DIY projects.