These Useful Tips and Tricks Can Make Any Smartphone Louder

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You probably know the feeling of trying to put your smartphone volume high enough and failing. Yes, we’ve all been there. Speakers can also help, but they’re never a convenient option. That’s where these hacks come in, and the best part is that you can use things you have at home.

Try Paper Towel Rolls or a Bowl

All you need to do is take an empty toilet paper tube and cut a little opening where you can put your smartphone speaker-side down. It will serve as a mini speaker by amplifying the sound. If you want the sound to be even louder and clearer, you can take two plastic cups and cut openings on each side. Then, slide one on each side of the tube so that the top of the cup is facing out. Your DIY speaker is ready!

You can also try simply using a bowl. Just find a ceramic bowl and place your smartphone inside speaker-side down whenever you want to listen to music. The sides of the bowl will cause the sound waves to bounce around and, again, amplify the volume!

Try a Glass Cup or Chip Canister

Take a glass that’s big enough and put the smartphone speaker side down. The walls will amplify the sound, and everyone will be able to hear it. Choose a sturdy glass that will take your phone’s weight and won’t fall over and crack it.

If you love Pringles, you will have a chip canister in your pantry. This hack works pretty much like the first one – just cut the hole in the middle and place your smartphone inside. Of course, make sure to eat the chips first.

Place It Upside Down or Clean the Speaker

Some of you may have already thought about this hack, and it’s very useful. Just position your phone upside down so the speaker is facing the ceiling. Make sure to place it securely so it doesn’t fall off the surface and crack, though.

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Lastly, ensure your phone speaker is properly cleaned. Any small dirt particles might be blocking the sound, but luckily, they are easy to remove with a soft-bristled brush. If there’s water in the speakers, this is also definitely affecting the volume. But here’s something cool: YouTube has videos with tones that can eliminate the excess water.