4 Creative Ways to Repurpose the Spare Pillowcases at Home

Pillows in pillowcases arranged in a pile on a gray couch

Don’t sleep on the potential of the spare pillowcases you have at home. Instead of stacking them in your wardrobe, put them to use. There are a ton of creative ideas to help you make the most out of your spares, both in practical and really fun ways. Let’s see four great suggestions you can try right now!

Use Spare Pillowcases for Sheet Storage

Pillowcases as Sheet Storage

Ever wondered how to best store your spare sheets so you can save space and protect them from collecting dust? By using a spare pillowcase, of course! Grab the one you most rarely use (make sure it’s a bigger one), and place your sheet set inside. You can use different pillowcases for each of your bedding sets, so it’s more orderly and easy for you to navigate through your sets. A side tip is to coordinate them by colors, so it’s extra convenient and looks super chic. This trick is not only practical, but it also makes for some pretty cute storage designs, too.

Make a Fan Duster

Using a pillowcase as a fan duster
Just because you don’t have a fan duster at home, it doesn’t mean dust doesn’t have to be swept. To help you manage these situations, here’s a quick solution — make a fan duster out of a spare pillowcase. Slowly remove the dust from your fan by gently sliding a pillowcase over each blade, clamping it between your hands, and carefully sliding it off. That way, you can easily remove any dust and grime without having to go for a “dust shower” in the process. You can reuse that method for other dust-removing purposes, not just for your fan.

Old Pillowcases Double as a Great Children’s Smock

repurposing an old pillowcase into a smock

Kids have a tendency to make a mess no matter what they do, and that’s more than fine. If you have a worn-out pillowcase or an old set of pillowcases you’re thinking of throwing away, don’t rush to the trash just yet. You can use them to make a smock or an apron for your child. That way, your kids can easily slip it on whenever they’re going to paint, play with slime, help you cook, or generally engage in mess-making activities. How fun and awesome, not to mention sustainable, is that repurposing trick?

Use as a Delicates Wash Bag

Pillowcase as a Delicates Wash Bag

Finding good-quality wash bags for your delicate laundry can be a challenge or simply one of those things you forget to get. This is where your spare pillowcases come in. They make the perfect wash bag for your underwear and any other delicate laundry you may have. They will protect your clothes from snags, pilling, and damaged hooks.