5 Things Every Remodeling Contractor Wants Us to Know

Few homeowners have the time, skills, and equipment to handle their property makeovers by themselves. That’s why remodeling contractors are a crucial partner when it comes to home improvements and renovations.

5 Things Every Remodeling Contractor Wants Us to Know

Finding a capable contractor is harder than most people think. This is not due to a lack of talent. It’s because many professionals are subjected to negative comments on online referral sites, which can mislead homeowners. While some complaints are legitimate, the truth is that most contractors are honest and skilled specialists who feel that the process can be improved if customers knew these five things.

They Can Assist With Permits but Aren’t Miracle Workers

Most remodeling experts have a good relationship with the permit office, meaning they can assist their customers when it comes to getting the permits they need to upgrade their homes. However, reputable contractors will never jeopardize their standing with local authorities by asking them to bend the rules. That is why homeowners shouldn’t expect remodelers to help them put in motion projects that are in conflict with local and state building codes. In fact, such actions often result in fines, some of which can be quite costly.

Remodeling Contractors Don’t Like Reusing Old Things

The main problem with old stuff is that they may hold up while in place but start to fall apart as soon as they are removed. Also, oftentimes reusing them is more expensive than buying their newer counterparts. Finally, some old items may not meet modern building codes and therefore will not be approved by the inspector.

The Markup Fee Is Non-Negotiable

Remodeling contractors work in concert with their clients, meaning they are prepared to help them in any way they can to shred their renovation expenses. This means they can help homeowners identify a myriad of ways to lower the cost of their project, but the markup isn’t one of them. Whether it is 10%, 20%, or 25% this is a fee that is non-negotiable.

It’s Better to Leave the House

No reputable contractor would ever tell their customers to vacate their home but they would prefer it if the property is empty, especially when it comes to larger projects. It’s a safety, space, and time issue. When clients aren’t around, remodelers can work faster without worrying about the well-being of others.

They Rather Work With Their Own Team

Remodeling companies have teams of well-trained and experienced contractors who can perfectly execute a broad range of tasks. Bringing outside people that they don’t know can disturb the workflow, which can result in a stressful work environment and missed deadlines.

Knowing these five things can help homeowners easily filter good remodelers from bad contractors while going through reviews on online referral sites.