How to Make a Puzzle Tray With Storage

Countless people opt to put up paintings on their walls or drawings their kids might have done in school, which makes the interior beautiful. However, many people choose an alternative option for the decoration of their walls. They put up a completed puzzle! There are so many options to pick from, and many don’t like completing the entire thing to taking it apart and putting it away in the box. It looks so much better on a wall! However, there are factors that one might want to consider before starting a new and beautiful hobby.

Complete a Puzzle Without Worry - Make a Perfect Tray With Storage
Cats Don’t Appreciate Small Pieces

Those of you who’ve ever had to complete a puzzle in the presence of a cat know too well how difficult a task it can be. Cats aren’t big fans of puzzles, and they show that quite obviously – they slap a piece here and push a piece there until there are more than several pieces missing. Usually, you’d have a hard time finding those missing pieces because cats are masters at hiding them. And that’s sad because you won’t get the perfect picture you wanted if you have pieces missing.

Children Won’t Have Fun

Children have more of the same feelings about a puzzle that cats do – they’re not fans. Most children don’t want the attention taken from them, and they might retaliate by taking a piece or two and simply losing it forever. That way, you get to the end and find several pieces are missing, so the picture won’t be complete. You’ll have no choice but to take everything apart and put it back in the box because it won’t look good hanging on a wall.

Use a DIY Storage Tray to Save the Puzzle

If you’re set on having a beautiful picture you put together hanging on the wall, you might want to think about the safest way to get every piece of that picture to the end of the road. You can build yourself a DIY storage tray! It’s simple to make and can be put under a coffee table or easily slide under a couch. The puzzles will be safe, and you can work on them when you have the time to add more pieces.

Not Many Tools Are Necessary

The puzzle storage tray is not hard to make, and if you concentrate and get all the necessary tools, you can do it in a few hours. You’d need a sheet of underlayment, some lumber, wood glue, a table saw, and some drawer sides. That’s all! If you follow the instructions, you’ll have storage to keep those beautiful pictures in the making.