Here Are 5 Simple Ways to Make a Man Cave Better

Any real man cave ought to be fit for a king! But what fundamental components make up the swankiest male space? Interior designer Betsy Helmuth, who runs Affordable Interior Design in New York City, offers her expert advice and discoveries.

These Are 5 Simple Ways to Make a Man Cave BetterWhat Is a Man Cave?

It’s common knowledge that both men and women require alone time and a place to unwind. Therefore, a man cave can be created to accommodate all styles and preferences. Traditional man caves have been completely outclassed. They’re utilized as dressing rooms, beauty salons, and even additional party areas for visitors. Man caves have advanced significantly, and today they serve multiple purposes.

One of the biggest advantages of adding a new room to your home is that you get to unleash your creative side. Whatever your particular taste, you can incorporate your favorite things and a bit of yourself into your man cave to make it uniquely yours. Why not display your all-time favorite works of art all over the room so that you can appreciate them every day? If you love sports, include sports-themed elements in your interior design and furniture. Include anything you desire, such as basketball hoops and football tables. Here’s more about what Betsy Helmut advises people to do so they can have the perfect man cave.

Comfortable Seating

Look for a sectional that has a depth that ranges from 38 to 42 inches (the average is 36 inches). If you have a couch that’s nice and deep, you’ll have enough of the area to fit all of your pals, as well as plenty of room for high-fiving and other activities.

Light Dimmers

You can get a plug-in dimmer that you can attach to the base of any floor or table light fixture you have, and the cost of one of these is often under $10. Whether you want the room to be completely dark to watch a movie or more light to play darts, the remote gives you complete control over the amount of light that’s emitted by your lighting fixtures.

Entertainment Center

Mounting your flat screen will make it seem much nicer, but not all walls are suitable for mounts. You can hide your cables, without damaging your wall, by mounting your TV directly to the back panel of some consoles. As an added benefit, you get more space for your game systems.

Thermal Drapes

Thermal drapes are sound-dampening as well as providing a wonderful blackout effect, which ups the cave-like coziness of the space. There won’t be as many loud neighbors mowing the grass or significant others asking you to turn the TV down, because there won’t be as much white noise coming in and going out.


Contrary to what many people think, hardwood is not the best choice for a man cave. It feels icy to the touch and might cause the room to echo. Instead, go with a plush rug to make your space feel cozier and more luxurious. However, be ready for spills: Choose a rug that’s simple to clean or, even better, carpet tiles that can be replaced when stains prove to be too difficult to remove.