Making a DIY Wooden Tool Carrier Quickly and Efficiently

DIY Wooden Tool Carrier

If you need a handy tool carrier, then this DIY tutorial is for you. This open toolbox is a simple solution that allows you to bring your tools with you comfortably and keep them in one spot throughout any project. Follow the steps below to build your own toolbox!

What’s Needed for the Wooden Tool Carrier

pine boards

  • A six-inch 1×10 clear pine board
  • A six-inch 1×6 clear pine board
  • Wood glue
  • 2-4′ of 1 1/4” diameter dowel
  • 35-40 1 1/4” #6 wood screws
  • Countersink and pilot drill bit for #6 screws
  • A cordless drill
  • A Phillips screwdriver bit and a bit brace
  • One quarter-inch auger bit
  • A Japanese pull saw
  • A small block plane
  • 120-grit sandpaper

Design and Measure

measuring a pine board
The interior dimensions of the tool carrier are 36 inches. Cut the bottom and side pieces to this size as they will be capped by the end pieces. Use two 1×6 and one 1×10 for this part. To design and cut the end pieces, measure 6 1/4 inches from the bottom of the 1×10 marking that spot on both sides of the board. Measure 11 inches from the bottom edge and mark the midpoint. Set the compass to a 1-inch radius, place it on the 11-inch mark and draw a circle. Connect the mark at 6 ¼ with the tangent of the arc, and repeat on the other side. Reset the compass to a 5/16-inch radius and draw another circle. Repeat for the second end piece.

Cut and Assemble

cutting a pine board
Cut all the pieces out and drill out the marked holes on the side pieces. Attach the side pieces to the bottom using 5 screws on each side. Fit the side pieces into the tool carrier, trimming the edges if necessary, then put glue on the joints. Add two screws on each side to hold the side pieces firmly. Place the dowel through the two holes and use glue to make it adhere. Lastly, fasten the bottom piece to the side pieces using screws and sand the tool carrier for a smooth finish.