How to Make Awesome DIY Reclaimed Wood and Pipe Bike Hangers

A DIY bike hanger with a bike on it

As the world is gradually shifting to a more sustainable way of living, DIY solutions are booming. And for good reason. After all, why would you want to spend your money buying a ready-made product when you can make it yourself and reuse materials you were going to throw away anyway? If you’re tired of wondering where to keep your bikes and how to optimize your space, you’re in luck. You can make simple bike hangers with a bit of reclaimed wood, new or used pipe fittings, and some scrap rubber inner tube. It’s easy, and it works like a charm!

Cut and Finish the Wood

a set of workshop tools
Depending on the wood boards you have, as well as your aesthetic preference, you can cut them into different shapes. It’s important to sand the edges, as well as to rub down the surfaces with tung oil to protect them in the long run.

Assemble the Pipes

For the actual part of your bike hangers, you’ll need standard pipe fittings (or whatever used ones you might have). You need to assemble the elbows, don’t put the flanges on yet as they’ll be done straight on the wall.

DIY pipe bike hanger up close
Mount the Boards and Pipes

Now comes the exciting part where everything will slowly come together. Mark the wall where you’ll be hanging the racks. You can use carpenter’s tape or a chalk stick for that. Once you’ve marked the wall, it’s time to drill holes and insert concrete screws to hang each wood board. After the boards are attached to the wall, you need to screw in the flanges and twist in the pipe elbows. It’s crucial to get the pipe pointing the right way, and it can be a bit difficult, but it will ensure the bikes will hang solid on them.

Wrap the Pipes to Protect the Bike Wheels

bikes on DIY wall hangers
Last but not least, you need to protect your bike wheels by wrapping the pipes in a scrap rubber inner tube. You can use other materials as buffers, such as neoprene and even old clothes. Hang your bikes and enjoy the fruit of your DIY labor!