Top 5 DIY Gamerstatic Crafts Any Gamer Can Do on an Afternoon

Gaming and crafts are two things that strangely complement one another. At first glance, you might not perceive a relationship between the two, but if you enjoy both pastimes, you’ll be aware that there is a great deal of room for overlap. Here are some of the best gaming-related crafts that can be finished in an afternoon to demonstrate this point.

Gaming and Crafts Go Hand-In-Hand!

There is something for everyone here, from knitting to painting, crocheting to origami, and everything in between. Many of the jobs on this list can easily be completed by youngsters, as many of them call for little to no prior crafting knowledge. So, choose some of your favorite games, gather your supplies, and keep reading to learn how to turn your passion for gaming into a variety of great handcrafted masterpieces.

1. Legend of Zelda Beverage Coasters

Legend of Zelda Beverage Coasters

Perler beads are great for creating crafts inspired by 8-bit video games because they perfectly capture the pixelated appearance of old-school video games. With just a little adult supervision needed for the last steps of ironing and applying the cork backing, this would make a fantastic craft activity for kids, thanks to the clear directions and designs. So start generating patterns for your favorite games right away!

2. World of Warcraft Murloc Amigurumi

World of Warcraft Murloc Amigurumi

This little Murloc has to be the cutest one you’ve ever seen. With the help of a pattern, you can make him in a matter of hours if you know how to crochet. A big trend in crochet right now seems to be amigurumi, which is particularly well-liked among crafty gamers and geeks. Amigurumi, a combination of the Japanese terms for “stuffed doll” and “crocheted” or “knit,” is the craft of making lovely miniature creatures out of yarn. And it doesn’t get any cuter than this little boy.

3. Skyrim Candle Holder

Skyrim Candle Holder

This Skyrim candle holder was made by YouTube user Console to Closet and is a great way to add some understated game decor to your home. It’s time to shine if you never did anything spectacular with the map poster that was included with your copy of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. If you have an old, plain glass vase, this could be a fun little upcycling project. This is a straightforward concept that may be used in several other ways, as was described in the video.

4. Minecraft Photo Frame & Character

Minecraft Photo Frame & Character

The next project uses Perler beads and is inspired by the popular sandbox game Minecraft. Because the pixelated appearance of the game can be easily replicated with Perler beads, Minecraft lends itself extremely nicely to this form of craftsmanship, much like old 8-bit games. The impressive picture frame created by Beth at Dramatis Personae is the first project in this collection. At first glance, it seems a little ambitious for an afternoon activity, but as you realize how easy it can be to assemble Perler bead pictures, it becomes much less intimidating.

5. Tetris iPad & Tablet Case

Tetris iPad & Tablet Case

Is there another game that can make as many people feel nostalgic as Tetris does? Who doesn’t love old games from the 1980s? If so, you’ll adore this protective case for your iPad or tablet. The pattern for this adorable little case was made by the creative women of, and the PDF is available for free download on their blog. This project comprises straightforward patchwork sewing, many quick and easy straight lines, and an optional magnetic clasp to hold your tablet.