Why Visiting the Virgin Islands Should Be on People’s Bucket List

Having the time, funds, and opportunities to travel is certainly a dream many people share. For those who love seeing gorgeous natural vistas and learning something new about historical places, trips to notable national parks are always a great choice. One destination that everyone should add to their travel bucket list is the Virgin Islands National Park.

Virgin Islands

What One Should Know About the Virgin Islands

This land wasn’t always a tropical national park. This stunning Caribbean island used to be part of the Danish West Indies. Sugar and cotton plantations spread across the island for a long time. In 1954, a large part of the land of St. John’s Island was donated to the US by Laurance Rockefeller. The one express interest Rockefeller had was that the land be forever preserved as a national park. Although it was greatly affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, The Virgin Islands national park is bouncing back and remains a popular destination.

Cruz Bay

A Trip Full of Activities

This national park is a wonderful opportunity for travelers to take a well-deserved respite. Beautiful sandy beaches are ideal for soaking up the sun, enjoying refreshing dips in the ocean, and leaving all worries behind. For those who are looking for fun or even challenging activities, the Virgin Islands offer a variety of water sports options. One can choose between snorkeling, boating, scuba diving, fishing, and more. To truly experience nature and enjoy the view of local flora and gorgeous landscapes, hiking is always a wonderful option!


Notable Places to Visit

In the winter, the temperatures in the Virgin Islands range from 66-79 degrees, and 67-83 degrees in the spring. This is considered prime tourist season because the weather is dry and suitable for all activities. In the summer and fall, temperatures average between 70-86 degrees. There are fewer crowds and more affordable lodging options at this time because it’s the Atlantic hurricane season. There is no shortage of lovely hotels to stay in, but for those who want a more outdoor experience, Cinnamon Bay Beach and Campground is ideal for camping and glamping under the stars.

Honeymoon Bay

Time for Adventure

If you want a short and fun adventure, consider hiking to Salomon and Honeymoon Bays. The picturesque white-sand beaches are exactly the type of view one would expect in the Caribbean. For a more daring adventure, Cruz Bay Watersports can offer half-day swims through secluded coves or five-hour snorkeling trips with a floating lunch, and many other options. There’s no doubt that a trip to the Virgin Islands National Park can be worthwhile!