A Pokémon Fan Proposed to His Girlfriend With a Master Ball

On the Pokémon subreddit of Reddit, a user named Onebeardo shared a creative anecdote. He devised a distinctive Pokémon card as a proposal gesture to his girlfriend. The fan revealed that she accepted the proposal, and a snapshot of the card accompanied the post. The card’s attributes include a notably impressive 200 HP, and it boasts a single attack – the proposal itself.

A Unique Pokémon Proposal

A Pokémon Fan Proposed to His Girlfriend With a Custom Master Ball
A Unique Pokémon Proposal

The card featured the quote “I choose you,” and its sole action was posed as the question itself – “Will you marry me? If your response is affirmative, you will gain a player two for eternity.” Designed in a pixel art style reminiscent of the original Game Boy games, the card showcases the couple alongside Pikachu and Eevee. A noteworthy element is the inclusion of a Master Ball containing a diamond engagement ring.

In a subsequent comment, the Redditor clarified his process. He purchased the Master Ball from Etsy since he lacked access to a 3D printer, and he personally crafted the card after consulting tutorials on YouTube.

Players Get Only One Master Ball

Players Get Only One Master Ball

The proposal idea garnered enthusiastic support from fellow Pokémon enthusiasts. One commentator noted that if she was proposed to like this, her answer would also be yes. She added a congratulation and expressed her hopes for the enduring happiness of the couple. Another chimed in, saying that she would accept such a proposal even if it was from a total stranger. A third individual remarked that Onebeardo had unlocked the Master of Love achievement!

However, a few pointed out a humorous aspect, asserting that he ingeniously employed the Master Ball. One person humorously commented that using it was absolutely brilliant because Pokémon players are supposed to only have one, and it has a 100% catch rate. Another jestingly said that she couldn’t decline because the Master Ball ensures a 100% marriage rate. A third playfully commented that using the Master Ball meant she couldn’t say no, but it’s also a romantic notion to spend your one Master Ball on her.

Common Woodworking Errors That Must Be Avoided When Starting a Project

Common Woodworking Errors That Must Be Avoided When Starting a ProjectA woodworking project can be satisfying. It allows you to construct your furniture and also add a personal touch to your property. However, just like any endeavor involving power tools, you need to have a great deal of focus and precision. Even the most skilled woodworkers occasionally make mistakes. Here are some of these errors, involving taking the wrong measurements, and more.

Being Mentally Unprepared

Experts advise against using power tools if you are unable to fully focus on the task at hand. Before using any sharp blade or power tools, you should perform a quick self-check to guarantee that you are not distracted or upset about something else. If you are, you could easily make a mistake or seriously hurt yourself due to a lack of focus.

Not Wearing Woodworking Clothes

Before starting any woodworking project, make sure that you are not wearing anything that might get caught in a moving blade. This may include loose clothing or jewelry that dangles. Also, ensure that you are wearing clothing that is both form-fitting and comfortable. Secure any stray hairs. Safety eyewear and comfortable shoes are also required.

Taking Incorrect Measurements

Accurate measurements are very important for the successful completion of a good woodworking project. Even slight deviations from the goal can have a significant impact. Always measure more than once so you ensure that everything is accurate. If you spend more time measuring, it will be more precise. You should also verify the dimensions of the materials that you have purchased to ensure that they are accurate. Always make sure that you are using the same tape measure or other measuring equipment throughout the entirety of the project.

Using Wood of Low-Quality

When you are working with wood that has knots or other irregularities, this might make your woodworking task more complex than it needs to be. It can also make it more dangerous. When purchasing lumber, you should perform a thorough inspection of the lumber and avoid crooked, dented, cracked pieces, or those having a high number of knots. All of these characteristics are indicators of low-quality lumber. If you are making something that will be used outside, you should either buy pressure-treated lumber or you should eventually seal the wood yourself. This way, you protect it against the effects of ultraviolet light and moisture.

Angles That Are Not Square

A common error that is made in any woodworking project is regarding the lack of squareness. This can lead to edges or gaps that do not line up the right way. To make sure that your work is accurate, you should use tools that have straight and clean edges and pay close attention to the angles. The use of a speed square, a triangular carpenter’s tool that can quickly find and mark angles between 0 and 90 degrees and can be purchased at affordable prices, comes highly recommended by woodworking experts. Before cutting the actual materials for the project, you should cut a few test pieces to confirm that your angles are correct.