‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Pumpkin Mosaic Sets World Record

Guinness World Records

A 2,081-square-foot pumpkin mosaic inspired by Jack Skellington set a new Guinness world record. The pumpkin and squash display showed an iconic moment from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. In the scene, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town sings on a winding hilltop. You can also see a full moon in the background. Needless to say, the pumpkin version was just as impressive.

The Creators Behind the Mural

Ian and Louise Nelson are the owners of Sunnyfields Farm in the United Kingdom and the creators of the world record-breaking mosaic. Their son Tom and ten staff members were also involved in the process. Ian shared that they weren’t aiming for the world record but later realized their creation might actually qualify and decided to go all out. He also said the mosaic took five hours to assemble and over 10,000 gourds and pumpkins.

Guinness World Records

Every year, the Nelsons welcome visitors to pick a pumpkin from their farm and get into the Halloween spirit. The family has previously displayed things like Cinderella’s carriage and Paddington Bear. This year’s idea of Jack Skellington actually came from social media followers. The coolest thing about the display is the variety of colors seen, from the orange pumpkins that comprise the hills to the white ones used for the moon and the Crown Prince squashes that make up the sky.

The Iconic Movie’s Anniversary

This year marks the 30th anniversary of The Nightmare Before Christmas, which is a must-watch for Halloween (or Christmas if you’re brave). You can even watch the movie in theaters again to get into the spirit.

Facebook // Kirsi Lindqvist-Viitanen

The managing editor of Guinness World Records, Adam Milward, commented on how autumn is always “a busy time of year for fruit and veg records” and commended the Nelsons on the creativity of their display.