Mystery Surrounding Biro Lids Has Finally Reached the Public

There is so much that people constantly wonder about in life, but they rarely get satisfactory answers. However, some answers come to light at one point or another, and usually, people are glad to know. Maybe some answers aren’t as ‘Wow’ as people thought, but they still get to know — just like the mystery surrounding biro lids!

Biro Lids Could Save Lives

When the answer finally came out as to why some BIC pens have holes in the lids — some were checked, and others were not surprised. But, everyone was glad about the answer. There was recently an explanation on the BIC website about biro lids and why they have holes in them. It’s simple yet genius. If you or a child chokes on that cap while constantly chewing on it, as many people do, that little hole provides just enough of an airway to keep you breathing until the cap is removed!

Everyone Can Feel Safe Now

Now that the big secret about the holes in biro lids is out, people can chew their pen caps at their leisure. But, remember, it’s not the safest thing to do. You can feel a bit better knowing that the little hole on top of the cap can potentially save your life if the worst should happen when you or someone else swallows the cap accidentally.

For one reason or another, people love to play with pen caps and chew on them when thinking or writing something. Parents are careful to keep such habits away from their children, but accidents happen, sometimes though no one’s fault. However, BIC pen manufacturers have thought of such things, and that’s why there’s a small hole on top of some of their pens — it could save someone’s life!