A Christmas Deadpool Movie Was Never Made – Ryan Reynolds Explain Why

There are many fans across the globe of the ever-famous Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds. Two movies have already come out and quickly become massive box office hits – it’s a comedy mixed with action, and Ryan takes his own spin on it, making the movies utterly fun to watch.

Deadpool Star – Ryan Reynolds

Who doesn’t know Ryan Reynolds? He is a beloved Canadian-American actor who won our hearts in many movie roles. He is also one of the highest-grossing movie actors of our time. Some of his movies include Free Guy, Red Notice, and The Proposal, but there are many more in which we can enjoy his witty humor and charming looks. He is also the loving husband of Blake Lively and the main actor in our favorite comedy-action movies.

Why a Chrismas Movie Never Happened

Fans are bewildered as to why Deadpool, the Christmas movie, never got made, and our lovely Ryan finally explains why. He says he wrote the entire movie way back in 2018, but it never got made because it got lost in the mix while Disney was acquiring Fox.

Ryan Reynolds Hasn’t Lost Hope

Ryan is upset that the Christmas movie never got made – he says it’s a shame. But he hasn’t lost hope that it will come back in the making one day. The star of the previous two movies says that he believes the project could return just like Santa does every year on his sleigh.

Ryan Reynolds in a Christmas Sweater

Fans are anxious to hear some news about the Christmas movie, just like the actor himself, and no one is losing hope. While we’re all waiting, we should also keep in mind that Deadpool 3 is underway, and we can rest easy knowing that it’s coming soon!