Brother and Sister Who Were Adopted as Babies Find Out They’re Related

A brother and sister adopted into the same family in the early 2000s recently discovered they are biologically related. Find out more about their intriguing story and how the two learned they were biological siblings through a DNA test.

Adopted Siblings

The Related Adopted Siblings

Frank, 22, and Victoria, 19, were separately adopted into the same family in the early 2000s by Angela and Dennis. The siblings have recently decided to learn more about their family history through a DNA test. This is how they discovered the shocking news that they were actually related! Frank shared, “We were both found a year and a half apart and wound up in the same family.”

The Story Behind the Shocking News

The Story Behind the Shocking News

Angela and Dennis have a biological son, too. They decided to adopt Frank in 2002 after the Staten Island daycare found him on their steps. In 2004, Victoria was found in a bathroom stall at Richmond University Medical Center by nurse Claudia Beadle. The two related siblings recently had a special reunion at the hospital with the people who found them.

After Frank and Vicky discovered how they were found, Angela got them DNA tests, and this is how they discovered the shocking news. Victoria shared that she got her brother as the match and found she was related to him. She immediately called Frank, who was driving home, “Little did I know, I’ve been living with my blood my whole life.”

The parents also shared that throughout the years they have been asked many times whether Frank and Victoria were actually related. They would always say no because they didn’t actually know they were. The mother was also surprised that she hadn’t noticed their similarities before.