New AI Creates Completely Fake Videos and People Are Concerned

X (Twitter) // @OpenAI

The artificial intelligence scene now has a new entry in the face of Sora, the AI that can generate realistic videos. This capability is very impressive, but it has also gotten some people worried. The minute-long videos that Sora made are still making the rounds on the internet, and they look real enough to scare some people about the possibilities that come with this new capability.

AI Can Generate Videos Now

The fake AI-generated videos were shared by OpenAI to demonstrate the capabilities of Sora. They were generated with text input prompts and included one of a person walking through downtown Tokyo while the streets are bustling with people and activity. It looks very convincing, and there are no weird details in the footage.

According to Tim Brooks, a researcher part of the Sora project, the videos get generated after the AI learns about 3D geometry and consistency, something that emerged from going through a lot of data. Bill Peebles is another researcher involved in Sora, and he stated that it generates multiple shot changes in one go. Apparently, the team didn’t instruct the model to do such things; it did it on its own.

Sora’s Videos Look Realistic

There are other videos made by Sora, including a tour of a zoo. For this, the AI-generated several shot changes to show different animals and arranged them in a cinematic way that, again, it wasn’t explicitly instructed to do.

X (Twitter) // @OpenAI

These and other clips by Sora on the internet, including one for a movie trailer with a spaceman wearing a red wool-knitted motorcycle helmet, got people worried about the dangers of this new AI. Some are sure they will lose their jobs, and some worry about how the technology can be used to generate misinformation. Still, some simply marveled at the progress humanity has made in the field of AI.